HWIS Launches New Middles School Track

A special scholarship program is offered for students in the first incoming class of 2020-2021. Awards based on financial need and merit can support between 30-80% of the full tuition and can be renewed each year until graduation in 8th grade.   


“In the past few years, we have experienced an increased desire on the part of parents to have their children continue through 8th grade in our dual-language immersion program, “said Sue Ha, Head of School. “Our educational support model for helping these students achieve success has proven to be very successful, which is why we are now launching a formal Middle School Track to accommodate more students in making this exciting leap into a dual-immersion education.”

 Students entering this track will receive instruction in the second language for 40% of the day taught by trained middle school teachers who are native speakers. The remaining portion of the day will be taught in English. Students will learn alongside current immersion students for math, science and English language arts taught in English. They will work in small flexible groups enabling students to progress beyond grade level standards in math and language arts.  An option to travel internationally on spring break to participate in meaningful service-learning projects during the middle school years is also available.


Parents and students interested in learning more are invited to attend a special information session that will detail the program model, curriculum and support for this new track at the Stirling campus in NJ on Sat. March 7th and the Midtown West campus in NY on Sun. March 8th. Come learn about this exciting new expansion to the school March 12 from 6-7pm and March 8 from 1-2pm at the Midtown West campus.